Insider Information

Scheduling (House Call):

Your pet's appointment time will be set within an hour window. For example, if your pet's appointment time is at 1:00 our arrival window is between 12:30 and 1:30. We will do our absolute best to show up as close to your appointment time as possible. Since our services are geared toward training your pet to accept nail trims as a part of life, we will not rush through an appointment. The hour window allows leeway for appointments that may take longer and unforeseen travel conditions.

Turn Key Service (House Calls):

Turn-key services are appointments completed while you are away from home. These service will be available after Gold Paw and your pet(s) have become accustom to each other.

For turn-key services you may choose to have a key box or provide a garage or door code for entry. Payment must be made prior to the appointment or cash left in a visible place. Please refer to the “payment” section of our Policies for more information.

If your pets are difficult to catch we ask that they be crated or kept in a small room where they can't hide. Failure to do so will result in a full appointment fee.


Please refrain from correcting your pet while we work with them.

Please refrain from using your cell phone if you are involved with keeping your pet calm during the nail trim process.

While providing our service, we ask that the surrounding environment be calm. Too much excitement or stimulation for your pet can make it difficult/unsafe to work with them. We ask that you keep children under the age of 12 occupied while we work with your pet.

While attending an event, we encourage you to browse the store and chat with Gold Paw. However, you must be present during the entire duration of your pet’s nail trim services.


If Gold Paw is required to pay for parking to provide services there will be a fee to cover parking costs.