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Welcome to the Gold Paw BLOG!

Gold Paw Grooming is dedicated to educating pet parents on proper skin and coat maintenance which is why we're bringing you the all-new Gold Paw Blog! This blog will be your go-to stop on tips and tricks for at-home maintenance, why we recommend consistency in professional grooming appointments, alternatives to shaving, fleas & ticks and much, much more!!

Don't let grooming be a drag for you or your pet!

Where can I find future and past blog posts?

We've added a "blog" tab to our website which will navigate to our blog page. There you will be able to view our latest blog or select a category that best fits your needs at the time. You can choose to "sign-up" to receive an email blog announcement, or we will share it to our socials and announce it on the website home page!

Before we leave..

Since we strongly believe education is key to a positive grooming experience for both pets and pet parents, we are dedicated to answering any questions or concerns our clients have and touching on sensitive subjects we're all thinking about!

Comment below with a topic you'd be most interested in learning about!!

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