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Their paws in good hands...

Gold Paw offers a full spectrum of grooming services, individualized to your pet's skin and coat health and your ideal coat maintenance.

Dog Therapy



Grooming \ Bath 

pricing starts at $45

Bath services include ears cleaned, nails trimmed and buffed, a bath with top quality cleansing and conditioning products specialized to your pets skin and coat needs (including any shedding treatments, hypoallergenic, medicated, etc.), anal glands checked, minimal trimming such as feet, face and fanny, and finished off with petzlife teeth gel application and moisturizing paw balm. 

Grooming \ Full Service

pricing starts at $75

Our full service groom includes everything mentioned above in the bath service as well as a customized haircut to fit your dog's lifestyle and preferred maintenance. 

Ear Cleaning

Complimentary with grooming service, available a la carte

Your pet's health is important. It's smart to add ear wellness checks into their routine

Teeth Gel

Complimentary with grooming service, available a la carte

Petz life Peppermint gel

Regular teeth maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your pet's mouth healthy.

Nail Buff/Dremel

a la carte $20

Complimentary with grooming service, available a la carte

Regular nail trims are an important key to your dog's comfort and health. Prolonged periods with long nails can cause injury along with long term arthritic changes and strain on major joints. Smoothing out nails after a trim eliminates a rough edge in addition to allowing us to get closer to the quick (vein) without the risk of making your dog bleed.

Paw Balm

Complimentary with grooming service, available a la carte

There is a common misconception that our dog's paws are meant to be rough. Dog paws are naturally thick, but they should not be overly dry. Dry dog paws are more prone to injury from splitting and cracking while healthy moisturized paw pads are more flexible and will actually allow for dogs to get a better grip! Our paw balm nourishes and quenches pads.

Face Trim

Does your dog's hair grow into their eyes before they're ready for their next full groom? Bring them by for a tidy-up face trim between grooms

Hot Oil Treatment

This service is a recommended add on to either our bath or full service groom for severely dry or damaged coats and helps to relieve and prevent dryness and itching. Mild to moderate dryness and itching will be relieved with included products, this is for extreme cases and our specialists will discuss with you prior to your groom if this is recommended for your pet.

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Enjoying the Brush

Tim P, Angel

I can't express how great it was to walk in to pick up my furbaby and have her wagging her tail and happy! Not to mention she's so cute, Hanna did an absolutely amazing job!


Chuck F,  Gordon

As always, Hanna doesn’t disappoint. Gordon looks amazing, and is very comfortable in Hanna’s shop. We won’t go anywhere else.


Melissa L, Bugsy